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2016 Assignments

24 Hour Report

Opening Kickoff of Boys D1 Final 2-28-2015  - Dublin High School

Welcome to the 2015-16 Season 

Welcome to the
TriValley Soccer Referee Association

Effective Monday, 12/14/2015
All EBAL sub-varsity teams will play 35 Minute halves at home.

Attendance is required prior to being made ACTIVE for HS assignment.
No attendance, no games.

Livermore Valley Prep will play Winter Soccer at Livermore Downs .

Update your information on the assigning web site - ArbiterSports
The experiment with Game Officials is done, we are back to ArbiterSports
Please be sure to confirm your phone numbers, especially cell phones.
Mileage charts based on ZIP codes are available on

Unofficial League standings can be found here:  STANDINGS

A Chart of comparison of 2015 NFHS Rules/NCAA Rules/FIFA LOTG by NISOA can be found under FIFA Differences
This is also found in the 2015 Rulebook but it is very small type.
For a summary of the rules covering substitutions go HERE.

Procedures for a Possible Concussion

It is strongly recommended that all officials look at the Concussion Course at
While it is primarily directed at coaches, the information is very useful. You will have to sign up but there is no charge.

Regarding possible concussions:
In the games you are doing, there are usually two options;
Option 1: "Coach, your player is exhibiting signs which might be consistent with a concussion, your player will not be allowed back on the field today."
Option 2: "Coach, come and look at your injured player."

If you have an incident where there is head to head, head to ground, head to goalpost, or arm to head contact and a player is on the ground, possibly holding his head and rolling around, approach the player, who would normally be deemed to be injured, and evaluate the situation.

1) If the player is or has been unconscious for any period of time, no matter how short, 
you must go with Option 1.
2) If that does not apply, go with Option 2. 
Call the coach on, he can evaluate the injured player's condition. 
Note: He is looking at an injured player at this point, there is no issue of a concussion.  However, if during his examination of the player or as the player is leaving the field, you see any signs of possible concussion, such as dizziness, confusion, lack of concentration, lack of coordination, lack of balance, etc., you will move immediately to Option 1.
3) If the player was simply removed as an injured player, the coach will decide if the player can return to the match.  If, however, the player does return and you see signs that make you think the player is not "normal" in behavior, you can always go to Option 1.

Remember that not all contact with the head results in a concussion.
Remember your stoppage at the time was for an injured player.  Simply deal with the injured player issue. 
You have not and are not to examine the player.
Option 1 comes into play only when a player starts to exhibit signs which are apparently evident to the official as an informed observer.

For the 2015-16 HS season
there are three issues that need to be followed
at all levels, for all games, again.

Talk to the head coach prior to every match.
Ask - "Are all of your players properly equipped?"
"Do you have any questions about uniforms or equipment?"

NO 100% Inspection of Shinguards!

#2) Inspect the players and indicate any problems to the coach or
captain prior to the match. Do it informally, but do it.

#3) Make sure correct substitution procedures.
Players must be at the halfway line prior to the dead ball,
except for replacing carded players, injured players,
or after goals and half way time.

There is a NFHS recommendation that teams be placed on the same side of the field.
The Rules do allow teams to be on opposite sides of the field,
in which case, they should not straddle the halfway line.
The decision on bench placement is up to the host school.
All teams have been made aware of the recommendation.

A Chart of comparison of 2015 NFHS Rules/NCAA Rules/FIFA LOTG by NISOA can be found under FIFA Differences
This is also found in the 2015 Rulebook but it is very small type.

Tri-Valley Soccer Referee Association  (TVSRA) assigns referees to High School Soccer Matches in the East Bay Athletic League (EBAL) and the Mission Valley Athletic League (MVAL),  members of the North Coast Section (NCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

Tri-Valley Soccer Referee Association trains experienced soccer referees in the Soccer Rules of the National Federation of High School Associations.

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The Final Kick in Boys D1 Final 2-28-2015  - Dublin High School



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