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OT Procedure


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NOTICE: Officials must be nominated to participate in the NCS Playoffs.
Officials nominated will receive a notice from TVSRA.
NCS receives a list of nominated officials.
The schools get a copy of the list and coaches can request not to see an official. 
Any official not on the list will not be considered for assignments to these playoffs.
Any official sending in a form but not on the list will not be considered.
An official on the list who does not complete the form will not be considered.

About 1/3 of TVSRA officials are nominated, extra officials are nominated to cover scheduling issues.
A nomination does not assure an assignment.

IF you received an NCS Recommendation via e-mail from TVSRA, then click the following line
Assignment Eligibility application on the web site NCS.

Complete this no later than the deadline on the form.
NOTE: Don't be late filing this application or you will be skipped when assignments come out.

Once you have filled out the form, TVSRA will receive a copy of the form from NCS.
After you have completed the NCS form, go to and fill out your availability based on
the NCS play dates.

Remember that games may start as early as 5PM and you are required to be at the game site and hour
prior to the match. If you can't make a 5PM start due to the 1 hour requirement, then block your time
through 5:30PM.

Playoff dates are: Wed. , Sat. , Wed.- Semi-Finals, and Sat.- Finals 
Probable mid week and weekend start times: single games - 7 PM, double headers - 5:00 & 7:00 PM.
These times are based on past history and could be changed by NCS.

Game site and teams are not usually determined until one day before the game.  
We will not know what games we have to assign until the last minute.
We must be able to get in contact with you on short notice and we need your confirmation or we will move
to the next official.

Locations, times and assignments, once they are determined, can be found at our NCS Assignment Schedule
or from the NCS web site.
The NCS web site will have the most current data. 

(NOTE: Schedules will be set up the day after after each round is played, and following the seeding meeting.)

you are responsible for the following:

  • Officials MUST be at the game site 1 hour prior to the match.
  • There is a site coordinator there, report to him.
  • Prior to the start of the game, officials, head coaches, administrators-in-charge and team captains might
    get together to discuss sportsmanship. The home team administrator-in-charge will conduct the meeting IF it is held. 
  • Bring alternate shirts, long sleeve, coordinate with your colleagues prior to the game date.
  • The Home team is determined by the program, not by their geographic location.
  • Home team wears light or white, in case of conflict, Home changes. In all cases, YOU will determine if a uniform is legal.
  • NCS normally requires that teams be on opposite sides of the field.
  • Time is kept on the field, the Stadium clock will stop at 2 minutes.
  • There is an Official Ball, each team is traditionally given one, make sure they get back to the team.
    If a third ball is used, it MUST be by the same manufacturer.
  • If the Prior game runs over, the teams for the next game are allowed 20 minutes of practice on the field prior to start.
  • There will be a formal introduction of players and officials, complete all inspection, roster & ball collection,
    by 10 minutes prior to kickoff.  Assure  that the Intros are completed in time for the game to start, that is,
    Kick Off at the assigned time.
  • There are medical trainers assigned to all games, some of them may not be "soccer savvy". Be sure that
    they understand when to enter the field.
  • All games require winners, review the OT procedure with AR's.  Click HERE.
  • By clicking the field name on AribterSports, you can get a map to the school.  Or,you can go to the NCS website, (,
    go to Directions for the address of the school and then get a map to the school.
  • NCS pays the officials and this is typically done at the game site after the officials have filled out a form with their SS#.
  • Closely review the NCS OT procedures, they were changed in 2006.   They are not the suggested procedures in the NFHS Rule book.
  • NCS has a very specific instruction that officials are not to linger on the field at the end of the match.
    After the final whistle, please meet your partners, return the game balls, and leave the field immediately.
    Don't stay around to talk to players and coaches.

When you finish your match, the site administrator might have you fill out some paperwork about the game, especially for any send offs or any other important incidents. All of that is good but none of it will make it to NCS in a timely manner.

So, I need the center official to fill out the Match Report on ArbiterSports. I don't need the full details about cautions, etc., but I need the full 24 Hour Report for any Send-Offs. If there is any other significant issue, fill out an Incident report, check these off and fill out the form on TVSRA.ORG/Forms.
This would include any negative interaction with team staff, before, during, or after the match.

In both cases, the information will be forwarded to NCS by the next morning. Do not depend on any report you fill out at the game site.

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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