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Junior High games are played at Fremont Christian School and Kimber Hills Academy, both in Fremont. Click name for a map.  Two officials are assigned per game.


  • National Federation Rules are used with the following exceptions:

  • Two 30 minute halves, with no more than a 10 minute interval between halves

  • If the game is tied at the end of regulation, use the following Overtime Procedure:

Junior High Games uses two full 5 minute over time periods, followed by Kicks From The Mark

  • When a game ends in a tie, take a break.

  • Coin toss, winner selects end or ball

  • Play a full 5 minutes, switch ends with a minimal break

  • Play a second full 5 minutes.

  • If still tied, prepare for KFTM, referee selects end.

  • Any team member not disqualified may participate.

  • Winner of the toss can elect to kick 1st or 2nd

  • If tied after 5 kicks, a second group of 5 players will kick.

  • If  after 10 kicks, ANY 5 players may take the next 5 kicks.

  • GK does not need to kick.

  • GK can be changed after every kick.

Undersized fields are acceptable, opponents to be notified prior to the game. (This might be done on the school schedule, in advance.)

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