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HS Rules v LOTG


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The FIFA Interpretation of the Offside Law should be applied for the 2017-2018 season

Click to see the Guidance From the IFAB

Summary of Changes to the LOTG 2017/18

  "Terry's Time Bombs to Avoid",  for High School Referees  
These are short notes that will keep you out of trouble for HS games if you remember them.
Download a half sheet listing of them from the FORMS page.

Below is a short list of the major playing rule differences from the LOTG from FIFA and USSF.
A more detailed Rule by Rule listing is available at HS Rules v. LOTG

A Chart of comparison of 2017 NFHS Rules/NCAA Rules/FIFA LOTG by NISOA can be downloaded by clicking here.    
                    This does not cover the changes in the LOTG starting in 2016.

(SOME) 2017/18 High School Differences From FIFA

Stop clock for PK, cards, goals, any referee stoppage

40 min half - 10 min break - no OT     EBAL JV games - 35 minutes.   MVAL JV Boys- 40 minutes. MVAL Girls-35 minutes  All Frosh - 35 minutes
EBAL League play calls for a Stadium Clock.  All other games, time is kept on the field.

For Referee stoppage or injury - IFK to team with possession

Coach is responsible for player equipment.  Failure to do so results in Yellow Card to coach.

Substitutions: Prior to any substitution,  any sub must have been present at the Official Area (halfway line) prior to the dead ball
Exception: Time between periods and after goals, replacement for injured or carded players,   If present at the halfway line prior to the stoppage,
any team may sub on at any Goal Kick, injury or card, their own Corner Kick or own Throw In after being beckoned on by the Referee. 
NOTE: Only subs at half time need not report to the halfway line and be beckoned on by the referee.

If Team A is subbing on their Throw-in or CORNER KICK, Team B may, also, sub IF their player is at the half way line and ready. If
no sub by Team A - No Sub by Team B.  NOTE: All subs must have been present at the Official area prior to the dead ball.
For EBAL and MVAL games, the Official Area is at the halfway line.

Injured player, attended MUST leave the field, including Goalkeepers. (Unlimited subs are always allowed for injury, whether attended or not.)
After a goal, if the referee examines any player for a possible injury, the player does not have to leave UNLESS a team official is beckoned on the field.

PK is not a substitution opportunity, with the exception for cards and injury at that time.
Only a carded or injured player may be subbed on Penalty Kick.  
Sub may not take the Penalty Kick. On a Penalty Kick, replace a DQ'ed GK with a field player.
If a GK is sent off, a replacment GK is allowed from the bench, once beckoned on but the team will still play short.

Taunting is a direct red. Taunting includes use of words or acts to incite or degrade an opposing player, coach, referee, or other individual.

Caution - Mandatory departure, subs are optional.

Warn, then caution for vulgar/profane language not directed at an opponent.

Teams playing short may let the excused player into the game at any stoppage, with referee approval, unless they are short due to misconduct.
If they are short due to misconduct, subs are only allowed at the normal substitution opportunity..

Splints & casts are allowed IF properly padded.
Knee braces with metal must a covering which is manufactured for that purpose.
Ankle braces are allowed outside the sock if not metal.
Face masks are allowed, if molded to the face, have no protrusions, a signed medical release in possession of the coach, at the field.

No jewelry allowed, including earring posts, or body piercing. (Jewelry means any adornment.)

Standard Shinguard requirements apply, plus, if taped, they must be no higher than 2 inches from the ankle.
The Home team is to wear all white jerseys and all white socks.
Tape on socks must reflect the color of the area of the sock it covers.

Portable posts need to be anchored or counterbalanced.

Disqualify any Subs entering the field to take part in an altercation.
Throw-in which fails to enter the Field Of Play awarded to opponent. 

Coaches must submit a roster with the names of players and bench personnel 5 minutes prior to match.

Coaches & bench personnel may be shown a card.

Do NOT send a disqualified player from the bench area.

Off field misconduct by players or bench personnel - IFK.
If misconduct by bench personnel and can not be identified, the coach will be carded for the offense.

Referee authority begins 15 minutes prior to the match, ends when they leave the area of the field.

These schools, EBAL & MVAL, require that only a credentialed teacher take over the team in the event that a member of the  coaching staff  is no longer available.   
(A JV coach may replace a Varsity coach if necessary).

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