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24 Hour Report
Incident Report
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TVSRA Assigning web site.

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Read the WCISOA qualifications


2017 Contract - Fillable form- click * For ALL Officials
Items with a * can easily be filled out by simply using the Acrobat Reader to fill in the blanks.
NOTE: You cannot send a filled out form by email unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Approval.
You can fill them out and print them. Use these forms anyway, they are much easier to read.

These forms can be reached directly by clicking the link in the Match Report on

On-Line - 24 Hour Report Form  Go here and and fill out your report of send-offs on line. 

On-Line - Referee's Incident Report  Go here and fill out your report on line. 
In all cases, call TVSRA immediately, (925)846-8034, and then fill out the Incident Report. 

Match Reports
NOTE: Match Reports are filed directly from the assigning web site
Misconduct: all Cautions with Names and numbers plus the name and number for Send-offs, are included in the Match Report.
In addition, Send offs require the 24 Hour Report.

HS Rules Test 2017/18 Part 2  Click here to download
Do not return this test, it is a training tool, not a test of your knowledge.  I really have no overriding interest in how bad you did on an open book test.
Complete the test  and then download the Answer Sheet. 

Click here for the  Answers for the 2017/18 Test.

MILEAGE CHART - here is a chart which lists the mileage that ArbiterSports uses to calculate travel time and distance for some local Area codes.

Terry's Time Bombs to Avoid for HS Referees - click 
Updated  11/1/17 Note: Shorthand version -
get the details by clicking HS v FIFA

Download copies of  24 Hour and Incident forms are in .pdf format. 
To read them OR to fill them out, you need the Acrobat Reader.     
Click .To get the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader  

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