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Use this page to describe any incident, other than a send-off, which might raise questions at a later time, or which may be of particular interest to a school which had players involved in the match.
Be as specific, and as detailed as possible.
Describe weather, field conditions, light conditions, style of play, who attended player, were emergency services called, did the player leave the area, with whom, if it occurred away from the field give specifics and witnesses if possible. 

Call TVSRA immediately - (925)846-8034.  
Then fill out this Incident Report in addition  to making the phone call.
If there is no Match#, just type in "0",
an entry is required.
(If you want to use the hard copy, drop to the bottom of the page.)

High School Incident Report

Game Date       Start Time     Location 

Match #      Home Team      Visitor  

Time of Stoppage    Score at time  Home Visitor   Level of Play:

Name:         Phone:

E-mail 1 E-mail 2

AR:      AR:

If necessary, you can download copies of  forms are in .pdf format.  Click .To get the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader  

Incident Report - Fillable form Easily filled out by simply using the Acrobat Reader to fill in the blanks. The online form is a better option.


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