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The Match Report that is filled out on   Include the score and all cautions. 
Once the date of a match is reached, a red R icon appears, the referee, or the first listed official is to file the report, that name will be BOLD.

 Each official can tell if a report has been filed by their partners on a game.  There is no need to fill duplicate reports. 

If you must fill a Send-Off Report or an Incident Report, there is a direct link on the Match Report page which will link you to those report forms on this web site.  Send-Off and Incident Reports are filled only on

Match Reports = Invoice, These are filled out on the web page where your game is listed.
Go to your game and click on the Red "R"

Misconduct other than Send-offs are included in the Match Report. Please include every caution issued at every Varsity game in your Match Report.  It is very important that we have complete information about Cautions.  Please include Player name and number.
A summary of Cautions and Send-Offs are maintained for each team, and player.

Here is a listing of standard abbreviations for Cautions.

Cautions:                                                                                        * USB includes, but is not limited to::
USB - include description *                                                                
Unnecessary delay
DIS - dissent by word or gesture                                                       
PI - persistent infringement of the rules of the game.                   
Faking an injury
IE -Illegal entry or exit                                                                        
Simulating a foul
LAN - Incidental use of vulgar or profane language                       Deliberate handling to stop an attack
                                                                                             Deliberate tactical foul
                                                                                             Deliberate verbal tactic
                                                                                             Holding a shirt or shoe.
                                                                                             Coaching outside the team area.



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