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NCS assignments are made through an NCS staff assignor, who must approve all assignments recommended by TVSRA.                                                                            

For Feb. 2016:

TVSRA officials have be asked to assign about 19 games for NCS, (59 slots), 3 names have been submitted
to NCS by TVSRA. This is a significant increase and all officials will get at least one assignment.

The increase is due to the new definition of Classes of schools, Division 1, 2, 3, which means more games.

There will probably 11 games on Wed. Feb. 17, 4 games on Sat. Feb. 20, 3 games on Wed. Feb. 24,
and 1 game on  Sat. Feb. 27.

It will mean traveling some distance for a couple of games.

More officials are nominated than the number of slots. The nominations are recognition of the work done by the officials
and are not a guarantee of receiving a slot at the playoffs.  The larger number of officials nominated are necessary to deal
with potential problems with Availability and possible conflict with teams playing in a given match. No official may officiate
more than one game with a given team. Coaches receive a list of nominated officials, they must rank the officials and may
request that an official not be assigned to their games.

Given the very competitive nature of these games, not all officials will be nominated.  Physical fitness and refereeing ability
 and experience are major considerations. About 1/3 of each year's list of officials will always change in an effort to spread
the assignments out to a larger number of officials. 
Having received a nomination in any one year is not a guarantee of receiving a nomination in the following year.  While rewarding
the "foot soldiers" who do a large number of games is a consideration, the ability to represent TVSRA in a professional manner
and to serve the High School game is a larger consideration.

Assignments for NCS playoffs are allocated to the 4 associations servicing the leagues involved, based on the number
of teams each association services.  Each association gets at least 2 semi-finals and 1 Final game.

Championship games are rotated between the associations annually.

Assigned officials are recommended by their respective Accredited association, and must have completed the NCS Availability form.  
NCS Requirements
: Minimum of 5 varsity games, 8 hours of annual training and have completed the NCS Availability form.  
Additionally, individual associations may have further requirements, (TVSRA requires 10 games minimum for consideration).
All official assignments are subject to the review and approval of the North Coast Section. 

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