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The North Coast Section Policy applies to all sports.

The details of the policy are here.  NCS Winter Sports.

Note that there are separate Sports Specific Rules.
NCS Ejection Policy as it applies to Soccer is listed below..
Do not attempt to interpret this document, if you have questions, contact the NCS Rules Interpreter.

Do not contact Schools, Teams, Coaches or NCS directly.
If there is a question by a coach whether or not the Policy applies, have them contact their AD.

Do not attempt to explain the policy to players, coaches, or AD's. 
When you report a Send off, just tell them the violation, do not attempt to say if there is or is not a violation of the NCS Ejection Policy.


SOCCER 2013-2014

The following is a summary of the rules pertaining to the NCS Ejection Policy in soccer. This summary is provided for athletic directors, coaches and league commissioners. Athletes
and coaches may be disqualified from competition according to National Federation rules. This summary outlines which rules will apply to the NCS Ejection Policy.
Please review
these rules with your coaches and student athletes. A
ny acts by an athlete or coach that are unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct shall subject the student or coach to ejection and
application of the NCS Ejection Policy. It is important to note that a one game or contest ejection is not a substitute for appropriate counseling of the student or the coach, nor for the
s or coach’s demonstrated contrition and acceptance of responsibility for the action(s) which led to the ejection. Each league shall establish a procedure for reporting ejections
(NCS Sports & General Rulings Handbook - bylaw 307E).

Coaches Review Content
League commissioners shall have coaches review the content of the Ejection Policy for the coaches' respective sport at the end of the season meeting and make
recommendations for change. The league commissioner will direct such recommendations to the NCS Sports Advisory Committee ("SAC"), which will consider them. The
SAC will determine whether to forward recommendations to the Board of Managers for change.
Board of Managers 10/24/97)

School Administration and Coaches' Responsibility
School administrators and coaches are responsible for determining the cause of ejection for any coach or player and are responsible for enforcement of the
Ejection Policy. Confusion over the cause for a coach’s or player's ejection shall not be the basis for allowing a student or coach who has been ejected under
an applicable rule to avoid the sanctions required by the Ejection Policy (either prohibition from participation or forfeiture should a student or coach who is in
violation of the Ejection Policy participates in a subsequent contest).
(Board of Managers 10/24/97)

Note: Any act by an athlete that is unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct shall subject the student to ejection from the contest and application of the
NCS Ejection Policy will apply.

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