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Confirming Games

Health and Safety Issues

Match Reports

Sendoff Reports
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Incident Reports

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REQUIREMENTS for Applicants to work High School games.



EBAL games and  MVAL games have varied starting times.
Check the game time!     Check the game site!

It is recommended that you CONFIRM ALL GAMES.  Call the school by noon for 3:30/3:45 games, if it has rained in the last 48 hours. Some schools play in all weather conditions, others cancel at the first drop of rain. Remember that rain in San Ramon does not mean rain in Fremont.

MVAL JV games are usually played when it rains, except for Mission which has poor drainage. Most MVAL Varsity league matches, except for Newark, Moreau Catholic, and James Logan, are played at Tak Fudenda Stadium at Washington High School.  Most JV matches are at the home school field, some are at Tak.  The JV matches are those that are most likely be rained out due to wet field, Confirm Them.  TAK is an all weather field.  James Logan plays on artificial turf and usually plays in all weather. Make sure you confirm MVAL matches not played at TAK.  Moreau Catholic and Newark Memorial play on grass and can get rained out. All EBAL teams play on all weather fields and are seldom rained out.

EBAL & MVAL teams have set starting times for league matches but any non-league match may have a different time.

Confirm all MVAL non-league matches and all JV matches for field conditions in the case of weather.
Schools are to notify their switchboard by noon if there is to be a change, in time or location. Identify yourself as a varsity or JV soccer referee. There are other sports being played. Some schools use students on the switchboard.

On weekends, keep your eye on the Assigning web site.


High School Rules allow the awarding of an Indirect Free Kick when the game is stopped for injury. 

The IFK is awarded to the TEAM with possession. Do not wait for the ball to go out of play before stopping play when a player is injured. Err on the side of caution when an injury occurs.

When a player is injured, that player MUST leave and may be substituted for. As soon as the referee determines a player is injure, the player will have to leave. 

A player who is bleeding, has an open wound, or excessive blood on a uniform, MUST leave the field.

Casts and splints are allowed IF:
        1) they are properly padded.

Face masks are allowed IF:
        1) they are molded, and don't have protrusions,
        2) if a signed medical release is AT THE FIELD
        3) they are only allowed by doctor requirement, they are not optional.

Braces are allowed, they must have a commercially made sleeve and for that purpose, IF there is exposed metal.

A  player exhibiting signs which might be consistent with a concussion, may NOT reenter play

Temporary goal posts MUST be anchored or counter balanced.

No jewelry is allowed. This includes bands or ribbons worn for adornment. Hair control devices are allowed, if necessary. Medical or 
religious bracelets must be taped to the body
. Note: modified hair coverings with religious significance are allowed. No "Be Strong" type of wrist bands.

In all cases, any item which the referee deems unsafe is not allowed.

All referees will be covered by an insurance policy purchased by TVSRA, through NISOA. The insurance is issued on an annual basis.  
New insurance is filed on Dec. 1.  Officials from last year are still covered from that policy until the end of the current year.

Referee Authority - begins 15 minutes prior to the match and end as the referee leaves the area of the field.  Referees are to leave immediately. 
Incidents occurring outside this time frame should still be reported.

Game Reports - The Report is filled out on the assigning web site:
Just click the big red
"R" at the end of the listing of the game. It will show up after the match is played. The center official or the 
official listed first on a dual assignment is responsible for filing the Match Report.  Any assigned official can see the filed Report.

Send Off Reports - Use the On-line form from this web site, it can be reached by a link on the Match Report on
NCS has a specific policy concerning send offs. When you issue a Varsity  Send Off,  I may ask you some questions to clarify 
the NCS interpretation.  Reports all send offs for all levels of play.

Cautions for Varsity players are recorded on the Caution Summary.  Complete this information in your Match Report, listing team, name,
 and number. The Caution Summary (Card File) allows officials to see which players in a match may require additional management skills.

Incident reports - when any unusual occurrence happens, such as medical assistance is called, or a 
bench clearing happens, ALWAYS,  call me so I donít hear from the AD first, then 
Use the On-line form from this web site, it can be reached by a link on the Match Report on
ARs may want to fill out their own version, for reference.

In the High School area, especially, school colors have special meaning and their appearance on an official can give the wrong impression.
Try to remember what the school colors are for each team.  Example, if you are doing an Amador game, even if Amador is the home team wearing 
white and you just got that spiffy purple warm up jacket from your last FIFA assignment, it would be extremely unwise to wear it to the Amador
game since their school colors are purple and gold.  Parents and players see these clues and read things into them, don't give them the opportunity.
Of course, the standard color for officials is the USSF gold, no one would have a problem with that color.  If you do a Foothill game, and the Foothill 
colors are Blue and White, and they are wearing the white home colors, wearing the USSF Blue referee shirt  might give someone the wrong impression. 
Remember that the home school staff is likely to be wearing Blue. Use common sense but don't put yourself in a hole before the game starts.
JV matches are considered training matches. Apply all safety and playing rules. Other details, such as uniform color, may waived.
Note: Report all cards and include a Sendoff report if issued.

REFEREE UNIFORMS - NF Rules do not specify Shirt style or color. The Rules require that the referee change if there is a conflict with a team uniform. 
TVSRA Policy is that the USSF Gold is the primary uniform.  Any other regular soccer referee uniform, or any color may be used, all referees 
must wear the same uniform. (NF rules specify socks with 3 white bands - no USSF logo socks.)

BADGES - these are not USSF sanctioned games. The USSF badge is not appropriate to wear. A TVSRA badge is supplied.

All EBAL teams now play at home on All Weather fields.  Still, watch the schedule, there can be changes to the early, non-league games.
 (See SCHOOLS for maps to these locations.)
MVAL teams, except Newark and Logan and Moreau will play League varsity matches at Tak Fudenda Stadium at Washington High School. JV matches 
will be played at the home school. Logan plays Varsity games on artificial turf, no cleats. Logan JV may be on grass or on turf. 

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